Jim Gordon, Ph.D., M.F.T. #12651

Dr. G. is an action-oriented Life Coach 
and Psychotherapist who is 'intensely mellow' - which is an oxymoron - but with these vapid financial times, a very appropriate combination. This is a time for understanding, gentleness and compromise but with a strength, coaching, and determination to succeed and move forward. 

Dr. G. is a man of many contrasts. He doesn't look at the glass as half full NOR as half empty, but rather thinks what he could do with that glass with a good script, good lighting and a wonderful music score! That is the right type of energy and thinking to not just make it through this recession, but to come out later looking better, feeling proud of yourself, and assured as to where you are headed. 

Dr. G. leads Domestic Violence and Anger Management Groups for men and for women at his office in Beverly Hills; teaches Sociology and Psychotherapy at the prestigious  Mt. St. Mary's College in Brentwood; does Volunteer Foot Patrol for the Los Angeles Sheriff’s Department, and is featured talent in an upcoming movie: ZOMBIE BANKERS. 

Dr. G. works with folks who run the gamut of the financial world from celebrities to international business owners to homeless folks. The Recession is hitting them all, and in varied and different ways, but hitting all in some way shape or form.

Dr. G. supports people as they struggle to turn their lives around, approaching everyone with a sense of humor, helping them recognize possibilities that their stress and anxiety may have temporarily obscured. He believes that with guidance and direction, we all have the resources and ability to survive this economic time, and to learn to manage life gracefully and productively in spite of our woes.